Ian (ringbark) wrote in top40,

A new Top 40

1. god_dot_com (2)
2. loonyone (4)
3. suppafly (9)
4. jwz (31)
5. amuzulo (11)
6. tenebrion (12)
7. dethbunny (18)
8. pinaygeek (28)
9. scottobear (21)
10. lizvang (27)
11. amaiman (5)
12. andrewducker (7)
13. pdcawley (26)
14. charles (new)
15. vebelfetzer (new)
16. spiralingmoon (8)
17. robotech_master (17)
18. cortana (6)
19. deus_x (new)
20. ringbark (30)
21. syke (new)
22. yole (new)
23. insomnia (25)
24. udp (new)
25. karinrg (new)
26. makotochan (40)
27. skx (new)
28. gothwalk (new)
29. gwynn_aaron (new)
30. hapachan (new)
31. owlfish (new)
32. hp_writersguild (new)
33. kynn (new)
34. chrisg (new)
35. ana (new)
36. tangletoy (16)
37. breyten (new)
38. laurel (new)
39. bkhl (new)
40. emmeke (new)

This should be viewed very much as an interim list. Older British readers may remember when the charts were produced by the British Market Research Bureau. then their contract ended or something, and the next we knew it was Gallup at the helm. It's like that here. The passing of a month and the use of a new algorithm means that the new chart has some significant changes from the last one. god_dot_com appears to have deleted his/her/its/whatever journal, but still scores highly at Google. The numbers in brackets are the last position in the other Top 40. Note that the previous number one has disappeared completely. Sorry, cassieclaire, fame is fleeting. In other news, I have risen ten places. Any questions about the new chart can be directed to me, but may well be ignored totally.
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Wow, I hit #5! That's the highest I've ever been... I wonder if I'll ever reach #1... :-D
i only have to kill 2 people to hit number 1!
Well, one's already dead. god_dot_com deleted her (?) journal, so you just have to wait for Google to stop indexing it. So then, after you kill looneyone, I only have to kill you and jwz... thanks for the help in making me #1! :-P
what exactly do you search for in google to make this list?
I'm sorry, it's a secret. But it should also be easy to guess or work out. I don't know if it's the same as the previous compiler searched for. Probably very similar.
i usually do a similar search just searching for
"livejournal" and i get different results, thats why i was wondering.. I assumed it was just based on a search for "livejournal"
I think the google query is probably something like

*.livejournal.com OR *.livejournal.com/users

I am not sure of the reason behind the maintainer not telling people exactly what the query is. I think it is counter-productive as without seeing how they got on the list, people will not appreciate being on it. It just becomes "Hey that guy over there's got a list and I am somehow on it"

But that's just my two cents.
if they tell what they search for exactly, it would be trivial to boost your rating by associating links to your journal with that search phrase..
Heh, I only hinted at a possible query (which IS agreeing pretty much with the results posted here) and spent no time trying to provide an exact answer. Google does take care to avoid repeated phrase based rating boosts. That's what made it popular in the first place. There indeed is googlebombing though :) But again that's beside the point. Without knowing whether the maintainer is taking any precautions about those things etc., one has no clue if one should indeed be on there. My interest in this discussion is pure curiosity here since I don't have to complain about being on the top (by default) anyway :)