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famous people...

Now, because of entries in my journal as well as community journals I've been contacted by a radio editor/anchor of CNN radio and by an independent DVD publishing company in Paris. Has anyone else received emails from famous people because of livejournal?
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Not because of LJ, but because of another posting on a personal site. I got an email from someone in National Public Radio in the States - they wanted to check on the pronunciation of the legendary Vanuatu character Tamalie. I replied, with a note that they could phone me for further details. Which they did, not taking notice of the time zone, so that I was roused from my slumber at around 3am. The caller immediately realised her mistake, and tried to make excuses, but I said that as I was awake now, go for it! That's why my email sig now contain a note of my time zone.
by any chance would that radio anchor be.. Brooke?
yep! :-)

So, did you find my journal through her or because of your interest in Esperanto?

Haha, and now, that I've actually written to you, I can list that I've talked online with someone from Malaysia! I've just added it... thanks!
actually found you on from the top40 community. i've somehow worked my way up to spot #23. yay for the flawed pagerank algorithm!

as it happens - on livejournal more often than not - i seem to be meet ppl who share the most diverse of interests : esperanto and AI in this case :)
although it has been time since i said anything more than uh.. saluton. language seems to have changed somewhat since i learned it in 1992. i'm quite sure i remember como tu estas (?) as a phrase for something like how are you but the net says its not kiel vi fartas?!
I can't believe the language has changed that much since 1992. Perhaps you're seeing things online using the h- or the x-system (that is writing words with "special letters" with h or x). For example, instead of writing ĉambro, you might see chambro or cxambro online.

¿Como tu estas? is Spanish. Hmmm, perhaps you learned Spanish before. Well anyway, if you're like to learn Esperanto, you can check out lernu! or the esperanto or learn_esperanto communities on livejournal.

I also found an interesting report about an Esperanto meeting in Malaysia as well as contact details for the Malaysian Esperanto Association.
Not livejournal as such but a few years back I had an online diary on my website that was read out on National Radio here in the UK. On Virgin Radio, most nights for about 3 months which was kind of weird!